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To our Mommies & Friends...

Firstly we love each and everyone of you, thank you for choosing us, we appreciate you. To our friends in style, our TTB Cutie Pies looking all sorts of adorable, we have enjoyed this journey with you. It warms our hearts each and every time we receive an order from all our clients across South Africa, all the pictures you’ve shared with us, for all the word of mouth and love sent out on our behalf, we see it, we hear it and we are humbled by it all.

To the friends we are about to make, it’s amazing here, you’re gonna love it. Timely Tots Boutique is gonna make sure you look amazing and we cannot wait to hear from you.

To our Mommies – Thank you all so very much for supporting our business, for allowing and trusting us to style your Cutie Pie.

Love TTB Mommy and Daughter 



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